Thursday, June 2, 2011

Proust Questionnaire on Corporate Cannibal

This brief post is by way of directing you to one of my favourite blog sites, started earlier this year by writer and editor Dmetri Kakmi. Recently Dmetri sent me a copy of the Proust Questionnaire, which he originally sourced from Vanity Fair. I got a great deal of fun and satisfaction from answering the questions. You can click onto Corporate Cannibal HERE. My contribution appears at the bottom of Dmetri’s Blog Post of June 1. But as you scroll down to check out my scintillating responses, I strongly recommend you stop and read Dmetri’s other entries, especially his illuminating review of Born To Kill (1947) one of the finest, but inexplicably neglected examples of film noir, starring my absolute favourite femme fatale Claire Trevor. Her portrayal of Helen Grayle in the earlier Murder My Sweet (1944) was a huge influence on the characters I created in the Film Noir series of the mid 1990s.