Thursday, December 9, 2010

Young Women with Wings

Alice Li

Georgia Sinclair

Isobel Caldwell

Isobel Caldwell

Jieshu Li
Julia Bell

Julienne Soo

Julienne Soo

Maddie Clark

Shervene Tan

Ellen Soust

Recently I received a wonderful surprise in my email inbox. Kate Murray, who teaches Art and Visual Communication at Lauriston Girls' School in Armadale, wrote to tell me that she had taken her Year 8 students to see my exhibition Natural Histories at Chrysalis Gallery . Back at their school the students were invited to create their own interpretations of the Winged Women paintings.

Three of her students’ drawings were attached to Kate’s email. I loved them, and was delighted when Kate offered to send some more examples. These arrived yesterday, and all are now reproduced above.

Acknowledgements (and warm thanks) to Kate Walker and the gifted young artists Alice Li, Ellen Soust, Georgia Sinclair, Isobel Caldwell, Jieshu Li, Julia Bell, Julienne Soo, Maddie Clark and Shervene Tan for giving me permission to publish their work on my blog.