Saturday, November 25, 2017


Pictured above and below: selected highlights of yesterday evening’s memorable launch of my artist book, LEAVES OF ABSENCE, at one of this city’s treasures, the Melbourne Athenaeum Library. Warmest thanks to everyone who came. I couldn’t have wished for more convivial company or a finer setting. Special thanks to Marguerite Brown, Manager, Print Council of Australia, for her terrific opening address, also to the library’s Business Manager, Sue Westwood and librarian Tom Coleman for the time, effort and thought they put into every facet of the event, including the elegant display of my work. 

Hand painted silhouettes on eucalyptus leaves, the basis for the images in
LEAVES OF ABSENCE (see directly below) 

With Marguerite Brown, Manager, Print Council of Australia, whose opening address was one of the evening's high points

L-R: Shane Jones, Sue Westwood, Business Manager, Athenaeum Library, and
Marguerite Brown  

For more about the event, visit Moth Woman Press HERE.