Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The 47th annual St Kevins College Art Show

I’m very much looking forward to my mini-solo show as feature artist of the 47th annual St Kevin's College Art Show, which opens this Friday evening, 26 May and runs until Sunday, 29 May. I'll be exhibiting alongside a fantastic group of contemporary artists, including my partner Shane Jones, who has two works in the exhibition.

I've donated an oil pastel, Euchloron megaera Moth Mask, as the prize for the fund raising raffle running in tandem with the exhibition (see invitation above). Tickets are $2 each or $20 for a book of 10 and can be purchased on opening night and throughout the run of the show.

The drawing (artfully cropped) appears on several billboards dotted across town. We chanced upon the following one on the corner of St. Georges and Grange Roads, Toorak and the temptation to leap from the car for a mug shot proved too much.

Since then, we’ve come across several others, including this one at the entrance to the school grounds, on the day we delivered our artworks.

On the way home we also discovered the following board. Shane encouraged me to seize the moment for one last photo shoot before this Moth Woman's fleeting time in the sun comes to an end and she flits out of my life forever.

Photo credits: Shane Jones. 

For more about St. Kevin's College Art Show 2017, including the purchase of raffle tickets and tickets for opening night, visit their website HERE