Sunday, May 7, 2017

From little things big things grow

In a recent post, I described one of the Eucalyptus leaves in the Leaves of Absence series as Thumbelina sized. The same description applies to the leaves presented in this post. In fact, in its original form, the leaf featuring in the digital proof second from bottom below, is little bigger than my thumbnail.

As shown above, the tiny hand painted leaves reside in a miniature plan cabinet, one of three that I own. The first of these, acquired some years ago in a Melbourne thrift shop, contains a collection of miniature watercolours. It's titled A Cabinet of Insect Women and is part of the group exhibition From the Bower - patterns of collecting currently showing at Warrnambool Art Gallery.

I've developed this work since the show opened, but very much hope that the diminutive cabinet and its contents can be part of the Ballarat leg of the exhibition when it opens on July 29.

The digital proofs directly below are offshoots of this leaf art. They are all works in progress and will be exhibited at a later date.