Monday, September 12, 2016

Winsor and Newton Acquisitions

In the midst of pre-exhibition nerves prior to my solo show at Tacit Contemporary Art (see Blog Post Wednesday, August 31) I've received some terrific news. Three of my Winged Women linocuts have just been acquired by Winsor and Newton Australia.

Originally flown to Jasco headquarters in Sydney for the July launch of Windsor and Newton's Pigment Markers, they were destined never to return – and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Below, left - right: Green-spotted triangle winged woman and Clearwinged swallowtail woman, both 2011, hand coloured linocuts, 32 x 32 cm., pictured in the Ballarat studio shortly before their one-way flight to Sydney.

To the right of screen, L - R below: Green spotted triangle winged woman, Clearwinged swallowtail woman and Blue triangle winged woman, snapped at the W&N Pigment Marker launch at Jasco on 7 July 2016.