Friday, September 16, 2016

PRINTS 1987 - 2016: Opening Night

Thank you so very much to everyone who came to the opening night of PRINTS 1987 - 2016 at Tacit Contemporary Art, including those who travelled long distances in less than perfect weather! It was a wonderful turnout and the presence of so many friends, both old and new, made my evening complete. 

Huge thanks also to curator TJ Bateson and Keith Lawrence, director of Tacit Contemporary Art, for making this show possible.

For those who couldn't make it, and don't live in another state, territory or country, all is not lost. The exhibition continues until 2 October. Full details are in my previous post.

L - R: Shane Jones, Tim Gresham, Julie Keating myself and Louise Blyton

L - R, foreground: Beverley and Robert Clinch, Julia Boros and Tim Gresham. (Photo: Shane Jones).

Tess Baldessin, Angie Black, myself and Caroline Durre. (Photo credit: Shane Jones).

One of the Paparazzi caught at his own game! Second from left (with camera): Shane Jones.
Also in this shot: Tess Baldessin, Nora Sumberg, Peter Lancaster, Irene Wellm and far right, Bill Reid.
(Photo credit: Deborah Bradbury)

Shane Jones photographs an unseen Deborah Bradbury, as she photographs him. (Photo credit: Deborah Bradbury)

With Loris Button. (Photo credit: Deborah Bradbury)

With Lisa Sassella and Bill Reid. (Photo credit: Shane Jones). 

Bill Reid and Deborah Bradbury. Deborah owns a portrait of Bill, which my partner Shane painted in 1995 and which
was a finalist in the 1998 Doug Moran Portrait Prize. (Photo credit: Shane Jones).

Speaking of the Doug Moran, pictured above are two subjects of works that were recently selected for this
year's semi-finals. On the left is writer Lucy Sussex, the subject of Lucy by Trudi Canavan,
and Shane Jones, whose Self Portrait in a Blue Sweater has also made the first round of judging.
My works have appeared on the front covers of three of Lucy's books: She's Fantastical (1995, an anthology
she co-edited with Judith Buckrich) A Tour Guide in Utopia (2005)
and Matilda Told Such Dreadful LiesThe Essential Lucy Sussex (2011)

It was a very lively opening. Among the crowd in this photograph are Marguerite Brown, General Manager of the
Print Council of Australia, Peter Lancaster, Tess Baldessin, Loris Button, Heather Shimmen and Nora Sumberg.
Photo credit: Shane Jones

Left - right: Nora Sumberg, Irene Wellm and Louise Blyton. (Photo credit: Shane Jones).

With my partner, Shane Jones. The daphne I'm carrying was grown and presented to me by Nora Sumberg.
It's aroma was intoxicating. Nora was one of several artists present at the opening who are also talented
gardeners. Would that I could number myself among them! (Photo credit: Deborah Bradbury).