Friday, June 7, 2013

Card Sharps

Card Sharps, 2013, artwork for zine (detail) ink and acrylic on playing cards
Earlier today I collected the miniature silhouette paintings for Tall Tales from the framers. The books have been bound, the invitations sent. On Sunday evening we will hang the show.

It's sad to think that my first solo exhibition at Hand Held Gallery will be their last. I've been exhibiting my books there since 2009, when they took some copies of There was once...The collected Fairy Tales soon after it was published

I bought my very first zines from Hand Held, including several by its Director Megan Herring. Not long afterwards I began making some of my own, beginning with A Short Book about Long Hair. Other zines soon followed. I've been making them ever since and have sold them exclusively through the gallery. It's fair to say that I owe this facet of my work, which gives me such satisfaction and pleasure, entirely to the creative association I've had with Hand Held Gallery

To mark the occasion of the gallery's final show, I'm making a small limited edition zine called Card Sharps. The artwork is now complete. All that remains is for it to be photocopied, cut, folded, signed and numbered. A detail is pictured above. When the zine is folded, these images will appear on its back and front covers. For more about Card Sharps, visit Moth Woman Press HERE.