Monday, April 25, 2011

... and another door opens

Here are some photos of the cosy area, newly set up on the ground floor of our place in Abbotsford that will serve as my Melbourne workspace for the immediate future. Although it is significantly smaller in scale than the studio I’ve just vacated, I think it will be quite serviceable, especially as most of my current work is also relatively small in scale. 

Pictured from top:

My fantastic desk, acquired from the local op shop.

Sketchbook detail.

Small plan cabinet purchased many years ago in Balaclava, topped by some of the combs and hairpins from my extensive collection. The carved screen, another recent acquisition, gives me some privacy, whilst still letting in some light. It also lends a touch of the exotic; at least I like to think so.

Transferred from my previous studio, these meticulously labeled and ordered drawers (see, I really am trying to mend my ways) contain all the paraphernalia that I need for my zine making activities.