Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Three progress views

Image 1: 
Two works in contrasting stages of completion, part of a steadily expanding collection of miniatures to be exhibited mid-year in PATTERNS OF COLLECTING/From the Bower at the Johnston Collection

Image 2: 
Propped up on the lid of my watercolour set, a treasured postcard of Portrait of a Lady  by Renaissance artist brothers Antonio and Piero del Pollaiolo, purchased many years ago at the Uffizi, never ceases to delight and inspire. Also on the worktable, A Thing Apart, a catalogue focusing in fascinating detail on the Johnston Collection’s fine collection of miniature portraits, is an invaluable source of background and technical information. 

Image 3:
Two newly completed non-portrait miniatures (12 x 9 cm and 9 x 7 cm) ready to be inserted in their respective frames.