Friday, February 5, 2016

Once upon a time, at Castle Counihan...

My Homo-insecta watercolours. Like the viewers in this shot, this was the moment I first saw them up on the wall

For those who couldn’t join last night’s lively, enthusiastic crowd at the opening of MODERN MYTH, here are a couple of photos snapped early in the evening. A big thank you to all who came. The admirable Tim Gresham was on hand as official photographer; these will have to do until he is able to pass on his infinitely superior images, when I’ll be able to share some views of the show in its entirety. All of the works by exhibiting artists Eddy Carroll, Jazmina Cininas, Paul Compton, Minela Krupic, Alesh Macak, Annette Phillips, Dear Plastic, Carmel Seymour, Linda Studena and exhibition curator, Domenica Vavala are stunning. Thanks to them and in no small measure to Domenica's harmonious, elegant hang, a veritable wonderland is contained within the walls of 'Castle Counihan' (as it was described in the memorable 'Once Upon A Time...' opening remarks by Jazmina Cininas).

Jazmina Cininas delivers the opening address