Monday, December 21, 2015

Recent adventures in printmaking

Pictured above: the lino block for Cossodes lyonetii Moth Woman. Pictured below: a trial proof pulled this afternoon, followed by an enlarged view of the Cossodes lyonetii white moth, originally sourced from the CSIRO website. (The mask area of the linocut will be hand painted in similar colours).

The completed edition of 33 will be part of Eventide, a portfolio of linocuts curated by Rona Green. Works from the portfolio will be exhibited at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery in May, 2016. Full details of the portfolio and exhibition will be provided nearer the time.

As mentioned in a previous post, I'm intending to take an extended break from linocuts in order to concentrate more fully on other facets of my work, most notably the ongoing series of Homo-insecta paintings and the Leaves of Absence digital prints, one of which is directly below:

Roundel (work in progress); digital print

Thumbnails of selected archival pigment prints - including alternative variations of two of the works - are shown on the proof sheet below: