Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Goldfields Printmakers opening event at Firestation Print Studio

Amidst the seemingly endless preparation for this weekend's APW Print Fair, I momentarily pause, catch my breath and recall the lively opening of Goldfields Printmakers last Saturday, 4 October at Firestation Print Studio. I'm very proud to be part of the GP group and this super show. It was fantastic to meet the Firestation Workshop Manager Edith May at long last, catch up again with many of the talented Goldfields Printmakers and see so many other faces, both familiar and unfamiliar.

Firestation Print Studio, Armadale

James Pasakos and fellow GP artist Jackie Gorring discuss James's work (far right)

Goldfields Printmaker and Treasurer David Pudney (centre). My two prints are on the far right, top row. Directly
underneath them are two superb prints by Loris Button

Firestation Print Studio Vice-President Myra Kaufman (in white shirt, third from left), James Pasakos
(fourth from right) and Antoinetta Covino-Beehre (third from right) were among the throng

Dr Carole Wilson delivers the opening address to an engaged and appreciative audience, including Annie Drum
(third from left)...

…Antoinetta Covino-Beehre (left) and (far right): Shane Jones, Jackie Gorring and David Pudnam

Fourth from left: GP artist Janette Wotherspoon, Nola with her sister GP artist Loris Button
and Antoinetta Covin-Beehre 

James Pasakos and DK

James Pasakos, Carole Wilson and DK

Far left: Firestation Print Studio Manager Edith May

It was an unexpected treat to see Geoff and Bronwyn LaGerche. Geoff was Head of Printmaking
at Chisholm Institute (now Monash University) in my undergraduate days. He hasn't changed a bit.

Thank you to the GP members who worked so hard towards this, with special thanks to our fearless leader, the tireless James Pasakos and to Dr. Carole Wilson for her terrific opening address. For those who haven't yet had a chance to see the show, Goldfields Printmakers runs until 18 October.