Thursday, June 12, 2014

Seventh Skin

Deborah Klein, Anon, 1998, Linocut (ed.14/55) 57.5 x 38 cm 
Banyule Art Collection. Acquired 1998

My linocut Anon, 1998, is part of the exhibition Seventh Skin, which opens on 18 June. Its premise parallels that which has long underpinned much of my own work:

Feeling ‘comfortable in one’s own skin’ is an expression that has multiple meanings in today’s age. This exhibition asks ‘Just how many layers do we present through our public face to the world?’ and ‘Exactly what is real and what is disguised or concealed?’

- Claire Watson, Curator, Seventh Skin

Watson examines this complex theme through a diverse range of works, encompassing photography, printmaking, video, jewellery and sculpture.

The exhibition includes artworks from the Banyule Art Collection by:
Pat Brassington, Lyndell Brown /Charles Green, Jazmina Cininas, Shaun Gladwell, Rona Green, Clare Humphries, Deborah Klein, Yuri Kawanabe, Christian Thompson and Anne Zahalka.

And works by:

Roseanne Bartley, Eric Bridgeman, Cate Consandine, Troy Emery, Kate James, Claire McArdle, Polixeni Papapetrou, Deborah Paauwe, Hannah Raisin, Tania Smith, Jacqui Stockdale and Hiromi Tango.
To learn more about Anon and the context in which it was created, click HERE.
Seventh Skin opens on 18 June and runs until 2 August.
The opening event is on Thursday 26 June, 6-8 pm.
Councilor Craig Landon, Mayor of Banyule Council and Associate Professor Robert Nelson, Monash University will launch the exhibition.
Seventh Skin
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