Monday, May 12, 2014

I'm Back

From late March and throughout the better part of April I've been visiting London with my partner Shane Jones.

With an unwanted souvenir from the UK finally discarded, namely a severe, lingering dose of flu, there is much to catch up on - but where to start? It seems to me that as good a place as any is from right where I left off - namely preparing for Biblio at Clunes Booktown.

After a nightmarish return flight to Australia (we left London on Monday 28 April and, due to a series of chronic mechanical faults with the planes on both legs of our journey, didn’t land in Melbourne until Thursday 1 May). In total, we were 32 hours late; there was just enough time to snatch a little sleep before setting off for Clunes to set up my stand for Booktown, which ran from 3-4 May.

Biblio, the section in which I exhibited, focused primarily on artist books. It was great to reunite with book artists I’ve long known and admired: David Frazer, Angela Cavalieri, Gracia Haby, Louise Jennison and Dianne Longley, and to have the pleasure of meeting and admiring the work of Deanna Hitti, Tai Smith, An Kyunghee and Nicholas Jones (the latter was also Biblio’s curator). The State Library of Victoria and the Baillieu Libraries also exhibited selected gems from their vast collections. We received hundreds of visitors and an overwhelmingly positive response to our work.

Wesley Bluestone Church, the site of Biblio - Artist Books

At the close of Day 1: raising a glass to toast the birthday of the State Library of Victoria's venerable Des Cowley

For more about Biblio at Clunes Booktown, visit Moth Woman Press HERE.