Monday, October 8, 2012

Lino cutting at Ballarat

It's hard to believe that only a week ago it seemed that Spring had finally decided to live up to its name; Ballarat's infamously cold Winter always hangs on with dreary, grim persistence. Don't get me wrong. There's much that I love about Winter, but this one had definitely overstayed its welcome.

Taking advantage of what turned out to be only a brief respite from the cold, I moved operations out to the sunroom. Its warmth, which to a great extent has remained even after the cool (and wet) change, is so much more conducive for cutting lino.

It was good for the spirit besides, especially when combined with musical accompaniment from the magpies in the garden. To me their song is as lyrical as Mozart, as uplifting as the sunshine - and considerably more enduring than the latter.

The linocut in progress pictured above (captured during that all too brief spell of sunshine) is destined for the exhibition/exchange Corporeal, curated by Rona Green.