Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Saatchi Gallery in Adelaide

Just before my exhibition at Woodbine Art opened, my partner Shane and I paid a flying visit to Adelaide, where we spent a day at the exhibition Saatchi Gallery in Adelaide – British Art Now at the Art Gallery of South Australia. Aside from Tracey Emin, whose poignant installation My Bed (1998) was also included, the remaining 41 artists are largely unknown in Australia. As with any show on such a large scale and with such a diverse range of work, some engaged me more than others. Of course this is all subjective. Overall, it was a fantastic exhibition. Because of time limitations – I’m flying to London on Friday - I’ve only included a handful of the artists whose work made an distinct impression on me, although there were a great many more.

From top:
Images 1-4 Sculptures by Jonathan Baldock, 2007, salt, dough, pins, ribbons, doll's eyes, polystyrene, colouring paint, synthetic hair. Collection Saatchi Gallery, London
Image 5: Artist Tessa Farmer
Images 6-9: Details from Swarm, 2004 by Tessa Farmer, mixed media, vitrine, 208.3 x 243.8 x 68.6 cm (entire installation.) Collection Saatchi Gallery, London
Image 10: Viewing Swarm (photograph by Shane Jones)
Images 11: A Joan Crawford Alphabet, 2007, by Donald Urqhuart, acrylic on canvas, 215 x 300 cm. Collection Saatchi Gallery, London
Image 12: Detail from A Joan Crawford Alphabet