Friday, August 5, 2011

Re-evolution preview

On 4 September my solo exhibition Re-evolution opens at Woodbine Art Gallery in Malmsbury. It  has given me the opportunity to gather together a selection of work from the past couple of years, including The Moth Masks, The Enchanted Hair Ornaments and the Winged Women series. This will be the first time it has been shown collectively, albeit in an edited form. 

Recently I began preparing special hand coloured editions of eight of the Winged Women prints especially for Re-evolution. During the process I became more than ever drawn to watercolour, and given the direction in which the work is currently heading, anticipate using it as a medium in its own right in the future.

As previously mentioned, Re-evolution is another of the Month of Print events connected to the IMPACT 7 print symposium. Full details of the exhibition will be posted shortly. Meanwhile, here is a preview of two of the works:

Moth Butterfly Winged Woman, 2011, hand coloured linocut,
34 x 34 cm, ed. 15. Photograph by Tim Gresham

Ulysses Butterfly Winged Woman, 2011, hand coloured linocut,
34 x 34 cm, ed. 15. Photograph by Tim Gresham