Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One Cup Exhibition at Hand Held Gallery

Come along to Hand Held Gallery this Thursday (April 8th) between 6 and 8 pm for the opening of

One Cup
an exhibition of 48 teaspoons

by Melissa Cameron (Vic), Sandra Winkworth (Vic), Rachel Bell (N.Z), Jenny Meier (U.S.A/Guam), Lyndsay Reine (N.Z), Victoria Mason (Vic), Penny Peckham (Vic), Jill Hermans (Vic), Victoria McIntosh (N.Z), Soxy Flemming (Vic), Deborah Klein (Vic), Kate Wheeler (Vic), Anna Varendorff (Vic), Chloe Vallance (Vic) and Megan Herring (Vic).

Click HERE for a sneak peek. (Invitation designed by Megan Herring).

48 teaspoons measure one cup. My own two contributions to One Cup are pictured above. The images reflect my longtime interest in Elizabethan miniature portraiture and Victorian mourning and sentimental jewellery.

Top spoon: Eye, synthetic polymer paint on found teaspoon, 2010
Below: Braid, synthetic polymer paint on found teaspoon, 2010

The exhibition will continue throughout April.

Hand Held Gallery
Suite 18 (upstairs) Paramount Arcade
108 Bourke Street Melbourne, 3000
(03)9654 4006