Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Leaf Insect Woman

Leaf Insect Woman, 2016, watercolour, 41.91 x 29.72 cm

Throughout history so many women have been rendered invisible that the metamorphosis of untold numbers into Leaf Insects, arguably the finest disappearing artists in the insect world, was probably inevitable.

In their former lives as homo sapiens, most of these women had become adept at blending with floral wallpaper patterns. As homo insecta, their camouflage is so convincing that predators can scarcely distinguish them from real leaves. Like the insects from which they evolved, they have even learned to rock backwards and forwards in the manner of windblown leaves.

Save for the unnatural history illustration above, there is very little documentation of this singular Homo insecta.

To view developmental stages of the work, scroll down:

Left: Specimen of Phyllium pulchrifolium; right: Leaf Insect Woman penciled in

Detail of Phyllium pulchrifolium 

Progress view 2

Progress view 3

Progress view 4

Progress view 5

Progress view 6

Progress view 7

Progress view 8

Progress view 9 (detail)

To learn about Phyllium pulchrifolium, the amazing Leaf Insect Woman's equally extraordinary ancestor, go HERE.